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JAYZ is dropping and album called Magnacartaholygrail on July 4th

This past week Hov had the internet buzzing over a “criptic” message/picture, featuring a samsung phone and the Big Hommies chains with a date game 5 NBA finals. The wait is over MagnacartaHolygrail drops July 4th and Judging from the producers and consequently the production involved its about to go down. And Oh yeah apparently 1 million Samsung galaxy users will get it for free.


Where I’m From: JAY Z Barclays Center Documentary

JayZ + Kanye West : WTT Documentary

Watch Your Step…

Watch em Stunt…

Watch this Space…


UPDATE: follow this link to watch

Beyonce -Year of 4: Sampling Tofo Tofo

Filmmakers do homages and record producers dig in them crates and craft tracks from parts of great songs, as far as dancers are concerned they watch, mimic and come up with there own style. But what happens when one just cant get the dance right? You get the originators to school you, as happened in Beyonces Year 4 documentary. O’girl reiterates that she is in the presence herself included of very talented and well educated dancer, all of whom can’t groove to the song or get the dance right; as she is saying this in the documentary they cut to the Triple Distilled Black (TDB) Brothas and Sistas LOL (See 7.32-9min). To be fair they are trying to mimicking the dance to a competely different song. With everyone coming short B makes an executive decision for the Tofo Tofo dancers to come over from Mozambique (a country in Southern Africa) and 4months later they arrive (see 3.28min). They come, they see, they conquer, giving errbody they groove back in what may be seen as a dance sample. I ain’t knockin Beyonce and Co or nothing like that but they used a small sample of the Tofo Tofo dance and it wasnt even the sickest part (see below for the whole dance) but what do i know i aint no dancer ama writer.

The Roots + Hennessy: ‘The Art of Blending’

In 2010 Hennessy in collaboration with The Roots did a bunch of shows in Chicago, Detriot, New York, Miami and LA. This Artistry Tour brought together artist from different genres, the results of this amalgamation can be viewed by following the link below. Now The legendary Roots Crew Being a Hip Hop band rocked with usual suspects of Hip Hop, Pop and RNB acts, then they brought out the big guns.

Link: Hennessy Artistry: ‘The Art of Blending’ Documentary

Dubai Sky Line

For those that have been to Dubai am sure you can appreciate this, for those who haven’t i see a trip in your future. Shot by Director of Photography and DSLR enthusiast Philip Bloom, this time lapse piece was shot over a week in various locations all over Dubai.

Cole Summer: EP01

In the build up to the release of Jermaine Coles highly anticipated album Cole World: Sideline stories, follow Ya boy and Co on what should be an interesting account especially since dude stay touring. In the 1st episode they in TDot.

via: Dreamville

Earlier on: Album title and release date set for JCole

BBC: “Once Upon a Time in New York” [4/4]

The last in a four part series about music in New York spanning a decade, the entire documentary highlights three genres of music Punk, Disco, and Hip Hop (downtown, midtown and uptown). It chronicles the development of the different scenes that gave rises to such establishments as CBGB, STUDIO 54 AND THE GALLERY AS WELL AS THE HIP HOP PARK PARTY. Additionally it shows how although the genres where distinctively different they shared a common bond New York, the idea of making something out of nothing in an industry/enviroment that wasn’t nurturing and for the latter two the DJ(none stop music). In part four we are informed of the birth of hip hop and how Blondie came to the hood on a Fab5Freddie pass to check what was poppin and proceded to bit checkout her song Rapture(from the 1:54 mark). Latest panorama aside shouts out to BBC via:hypebeast


It been two years to the date since the King Of Pop died, may his soul rest in eternal peace. An innovator and entrepreneur he is/was the epitome of a daimon/genius. The following are a behind the scenes look at the making of the critically acclaimed award winning Music video/short film for the song Thriller off the similarly titled album. Directed by John Landis of Blue Brothers, American werewolf in london(where Michael Got inspiration for this video which he co wrote with Landis) and E.T. fame. No FCP, no After Effects, no Green Screen, no CGI and still put most videos to day to shame. Damn!!!!