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R.I.P 1971-1996


BIGGIE – Story to tell

Everybody got a story to tell the  question is will you tell it or let somebody else…

BLACKSTAR (Mos Def &Talib Kweli) – Thieves in the night

This is one of my favourite Blackstar songs. Outstanding portrait by Digital painter Paul Davey



The west is back, sure we have had the OG’z of the game sprinkle the Hip Hop landscapes with a few gemes here and there; but there hasnt been an influx of music like this since the Deathrow era and before that the collective known as NWA where reigning supreme. In comes Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle and Jay Rock all lyricists, all indie, all fire among them they have 27 Mixtapes which are better than some artist records with deals on major record labels. They each have their own distictive sound and Jay Rock And Kendrick are Half of a collective known as Black Hippy . If these four where to form a NEO-NWA the results would be CRAZY. Their Latest offerings include From the Westside with Love II, #Section80, The Marathon and Follow Me Home (FMH) respectively.

Styles P- Where the Angels Sleep

The latest visuals form the Ghost on some superhero sh!t off that War Music Album.

“…father they style and them n!#%@s try and style on ya…”

Robert Nesta Marley

Undoubtedly there are many many classics with in Mr Marley’s catalogue, but this is one of my favourites (forgive the video). What i would give to be a fly on the wall during the recording of this track.

Who wins? You decide.


With the 1st post i show case one of my favourite paintings Stealing of the body of St Mark by Jacopo Tintoretto an Italian Exemplar of the Venetian renaissance school.