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The DUOPOD by MountKestrel

This is for all y’all DSLR enthusiasts designed by NCAD Industrial design graduate Ben Millet and is just a prototype. The foldable Duopod can be used as a chest mount, shoulder mount, tripod and steadycam my only qualm is the height of it then again this wouldn’t replace your tripod all in all a great concept am bracing myself for price. Also see the Talon. via: MountKestrel



Got an ipod nano? Heres a little sumthin sumthin for ya two companies Hex and Incase bring y’all a unique fashionable and innovative carrying solution for your miniature music play of the Malus domestica variety. Though Hex where first to bat and consequently have more ranges of silicone straps in multiple colours and designs, Leather straps and  the Hex Vision metal watch band (above to your left).  With the Incase Flex wristband (above to your right) you get the best of both worlds, the look of silicon with the durability of metal with the matte black flexible steel band. Both products boast snap in and out attachment for your ipod nano as well as dock and button accessibility, so whether you want a multipurpose strap that you can go from the office to the play ground with, or you just want a strap that can hold your nano during your morning; run both companies have what you need. You choice. Daimon or Genius?

at $20 less my money is with Incase.