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Jay Rock – Follow Me Home (Album)




Chipmunk – Hustle Hard

May be its just me, but its seem like to be a successful ‘urban’ act in the UK you have to have a none threatening name that alludes to you being small or childish ala Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryda, Tinie Tempa or Chipmunk…. What y’all ain’t got no love for the Lethal Bizzle’s of the UK?. That being said your boy Chipmunk making moves Stateside with a slew of features from the Young money collective dude even did his own rendition of hustle hard that surfaced on a video a minute ago…say what y’all wanna say about dude but he went in on this one…

Wiz Khalifa + Currency + Big Sean

From the tracks out from these three artists up coming collaborative mixtape, i have these four joints on rotation.

Wiz Khalifa + Currency + Big Sean – Dot Dot Dot

Wiz Khalifa + Currency + Big Sean – Off to the Races (OTTR)

Wiz Khalifa + Currency + Big Sean – Flowers

Wiz Khalifa + Currency + Big Sean – Proceed

Dj Jazzy Jeff + Ayah – Back for More (Album)

The legendary producer/Dj teams up with the very talented Ayah, am using talent broadly not just to describe her vocal/writing/composing abilities as the pic shows. Dj Jazzy Jeff is known for collaborating with different artists and coming up with great projects, this 13 song project is no exception; what follows are visuals from selected songs of Ayah’s previous projects the last of which is a short film.

Aloe Blacc – Billie Jean

Granted nobody can do Micheal Like Micheal but this is a valiant effort, i especially like the fact that its at a slower tempo ala Marvin Gaye and the star spangled banner see below.

When was the last time you heard or saw people clappin to a national anthem.

Can somebody say SWAG!


The west is back, sure we have had the OG’z of the game sprinkle the Hip Hop landscapes with a few gemes here and there; but there hasnt been an influx of music like this since the Deathrow era and before that the collective known as NWA where reigning supreme. In comes Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle and Jay Rock all lyricists, all indie, all fire among them they have 27 Mixtapes which are better than some artist records with deals on major record labels. They each have their own distictive sound and Jay Rock And Kendrick are Half of a collective known as Black Hippy . If these four where to form a NEO-NWA the results would be CRAZY. Their Latest offerings include From the Westside with Love II, #Section80, The Marathon and Follow Me Home (FMH) respectively.