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MI4: Ghost Protocol

With an estimated budget of $140,000,000, Mission Impossible 4 is one of the most expensive upcoming Hollywood Movies.  Filming that took place on location in Prague, Dubai, The U.S and Vancouver (where they turned a water front area  into little Bangalore, India).

Director Brad Bird of the Incredibles and Ratatouille fame is at the helm of this production. Is this the first time a director who has done mostly animations his entire career directs an action flick? Will this affect the end product in a negative way? Judging from the trailer probably not.The movie is seemingly more action packed than the others, with similary placed scene of explosions, vehicle chases and Mr Cruise engaged in gun fights, hand to hand combat, running and high flying stunts.

I guess the directors vision is uninhibited less thoughts on limitations, but then again its just the trailer. I cant tell you how many movies i have gone to watch because of the trailer only to be disappointed. That said am going to watch it. Release date stateside is in December.

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JAY. Before HOVA.

In this interview circa September 1995 Jay explains the come up, and lists some of his affiliates to OG Philly Radio DJ Colby Colb. He also spits a freestyle over Raekwon’s track Criminology off  Only built 4 cuban lynx album.


Cole Summer: EP01

In the build up to the release of Jermaine Coles highly anticipated album Cole World: Sideline stories, follow Ya boy and Co on what should be an interesting account especially since dude stay touring. In the 1st episode they in TDot.

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Earlier on: Album title and release date set for JCole

BBC: “Once Upon a Time in New York” [4/4]

The last in a four part series about music in New York spanning a decade, the entire documentary highlights three genres of music Punk, Disco, and Hip Hop (downtown, midtown and uptown). It chronicles the development of the different scenes that gave rises to such establishments as CBGB, STUDIO 54 AND THE GALLERY AS WELL AS THE HIP HOP PARK PARTY. Additionally it shows how although the genres where distinctively different they shared a common bond New York, the idea of making something out of nothing in an industry/enviroment that wasn’t nurturing and for the latter two the DJ(none stop music). In part four we are informed of the birth of hip hop and how Blondie came to the hood on a Fab5Freddie pass to check what was poppin and proceded to bit checkout her song Rapture(from the 1:54 mark). Latest panorama aside shouts out to BBC via:hypebeast

The DUOPOD by MountKestrel

This is for all y’all DSLR enthusiasts designed by NCAD Industrial design graduate Ben Millet and is just a prototype. The foldable Duopod can be used as a chest mount, shoulder mount, tripod and steadycam my only qualm is the height of it then again this wouldn’t replace your tripod all in all a great concept am bracing myself for price. Also see the Talon. via: MountKestrel


It been two years to the date since the King Of Pop died, may his soul rest in eternal peace. An innovator and entrepreneur he is/was the epitome of a daimon/genius. The following are a behind the scenes look at the making of the critically acclaimed award winning Music video/short film for the song Thriller off the similarly titled album. Directed by John Landis of Blue Brothers, American werewolf in london(where Michael Got inspiration for this video which he co wrote with Landis) and E.T. fame. No FCP, no After Effects, no Green Screen, no CGI and still put most videos to day to shame. Damn!!!!


Reasonable Doubt Anniversary

Its been 15 years since Hova dropped his debut album Reasonable Doubt, 11 number ones and 10 solo albums later the joint is still classic; retrospectively so in my case. I aint even gonna front i didn’t really get into Big Homie till around Vol. 3 so ghetto, do it again, theres been a murder, come and get me…

Watch the throne.