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BLACKSTAR (Mos Def &Talib Kweli) – Thieves in the night

This is one of my favourite Blackstar songs. Outstanding portrait by Digital painter Paul Davey


Jay-Z + Kanye West – Otis (Off Watch The Throne)

On the night of July 7 2011 on the second floor of the Mercer Hotel in New York City, Big Homie absent Yeezy (had previous engagement) held a 3 hour listening event for the highly anticipated Collaborative album Watch The Throne (WTT). In attendance, where the usual suspects of Journalists, associates, record label employees, hangers-on, and two teenage contestants who where the 1st in New York to PRE ORDER the album. WTT was recorded in multiple cities around the world while on tour mainly in hotels as studio recording always get/got leaked. The sessions were often bizarre and star-packed, with everyone from Givenchy designer Riccardo Tischi (who also crafted Watch The Throne’s gold-embossed cover), to British women’s wear star Phoebe Philo, Russell Crowe and more. The resultant album is a culmination of three iterations that Jay and Ye had to scale back from of which  the original direction  was more dramatic and calculated than H.A.M.

Via: Boombox, Billboard, BET and GQ


Two Titans in their respective games, Big Homie visits Big Will on the set of Men in Black 3. The two and their families have a good and successful track record with regards to business partnerships from Carol’s daughter beauty products to Fela the Broadway musical and potentially now a Big screen adaptation of Annie the Broadway Musical with Willow Smith in the title role. But could we see more in future musically?  I mean, could Big Will grace one of HOV’s album (Watch the Throne)? or is that chapter in his life closed? Is Big Homie tryna get into acting? Ama leave y’all with the rhetoricals…Picture via:mailonline