MI4: Ghost Protocol

With an estimated budget of $140,000,000, Mission Impossible 4 is one of the most expensive upcoming Hollywood Movies.  Filming that took place on location in Prague, Dubai, The U.S and Vancouver (where they turned a water front area  into little Bangalore, India).

Director Brad Bird of the Incredibles and Ratatouille fame is at the helm of this production. Is this the first time a director who has done mostly animations his entire career directs an action flick? Will this affect the end product in a negative way? Judging from the trailer probably not.The movie is seemingly more action packed than the others, with similary placed scene of explosions, vehicle chases and Mr Cruise engaged in gun fights, hand to hand combat, running and high flying stunts.

I guess the directors vision is uninhibited less thoughts on limitations, but then again its just the trailer. I cant tell you how many movies i have gone to watch because of the trailer only to be disappointed. That said am going to watch it. Release date stateside is in December.

Via: vancouversunimdbviewsbuzz


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